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Our Approach


Determining what you need from your MDM or Big Data assets is part of the equation, however, successfully implementing the solution can be equally challenging. Instep’s implementation methods and best practices can help take the guess work out of getting your quality solution to production quickly.

Project Methodology

We leverage a variety of project management methodologies including waterfall, agile and a hybrid approach to successfully implement data solutions. Every project is unique and subject to different business realities, so we allow for that flexibility in our implementation model.


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Our primary focus is on collaboration. We believe the right solution, the best solution, comes from having a thorough understanding of your business processes and data needs. That’s why we engage early and often to work collaboratively with your team to fully understand your technical and business needs. This collaborative approach allows us to not only deliver robust and scalable solutions that meet the needs of today, but solutions that prepare you for the data-driven digital tomorrow.


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Quality is in our DNA. We adhere to a “Shift Left QA” methodology and build quality in at the very beginning of each project. Establishing a strong quality assurance program at the start of a project not only minimizes risk and reduces rework and costly changes in the later phases of the project lifecycle, but it allows us to accelerate development, manage costs, reduce time to market, and deliver quality-driven solutions.


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Speed to Market


We’ve developed MDM and Big Data accelerators that allow us to create customized solutions on a reduced timeline to meet your unique data needs. Our Onshore/Offshore development model and secure cloud development environment enable us to accelerate the delivery of your solutions while providing competitive price-performance.