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The unique nature of every industry demands solutions that solve equally unique business challenges. Instep has expertise and experience in the following industries:


Commercial, Retail and Investment Banks face complex challenges in the digital now. Customer expectations for an omnichannel experience are driving banks toward a completely mobile experience and this means securely managing data has never been more important. However, to securely manage this data you need more than a data warehouse, you need the right data management solution. Whether it’s building a more holistic view of your customers for predicting their needs, increasing revenue and customer retention through targeted marketing, countering fraud or increasing your industry competitiveness, the proper data management solution is the key.


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Consumer Packaged Goods

Consumer needs change rapidly and so too must CPG companies. In order to keep up with consumer evolution, companies must have access to key data so they can adjust their strategies, adapt, and evolve along with changing consumer and market demands. Whether it’s consolidating data from retailers, helping your organization analyze shopper attributes by serving up real time data for advanced analytics, improving the quality of product data across the product lifecycle, streamlining supply chain information sharing or helping to generate more granular shopper insights, a data management solution can help you get there.


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Health Sciences

For both clinical care providers and clinical researchers, data management solutions can help your organization gain greater insight and greater value from a comprehensive healthcare data set. All too often in the Health Sciences industry, data is unstructured or siloed in different systems and remains unusable. Having the proper data management solution can help transform and consolidate key customer, clinical, and organizational data so you can make the right decisions at the right time based on the right data. We see MDM as not only the key to building stronger patient/provider relationships and increasing the quality of care but as a means of ensuring the data you need is available, secure and ready when you need it.


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In the Insurance industry, the secure management of customer and organizational data is imperative. However, achieving efficient and timely access to this data requires the proper data management solution, and to us, this means a solution that can consolidate, structure and make valuable data available in real-time so your organization can produce more complex analytics and make the right business decisions. With the proper data management program in place, your organization can better mitigate risk, detect fraud, and create a more holistic view of policy holders so you can drive growth through cross-sell and up-sell opportunities and increase customer retention.


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Life Sciences

As the amount of available data increases, so too do the opportunities for organizations in the Life Sciences and Pharma industry. Implementing the proper data management solution to handle this data can help your company bring these opportunities to life. Whether it’s integrating data from various systems, increasing customer engagement and real time data flow and access, improving safety and risk management, ensuring regulatory compliance, or creating visibility across the supply chain, the right data management solution can make these data opportunities a reality.


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The retail industry is facing more complex challenges each day as ecommerce becomes the standard. This paradigm shift means companies must not only find ways to increase customer engagement and get to know their customers better, they must be able to integrate online and offline marketing campaigns, increase cross sell and upsell opportunities, determine real-time inventory levels, create and maintain an accurate product master and ensure data security. The right data management solution can help your company tackle these challenges and provide access to key data and analytics, so you can make the right business decisions to drive growth in the digital now.


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