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Data Optimization Through Innovation


Optimized data is clean, consolidated, accurate and connected across domains and points of origin. Access to this quality information in real-time is the foundation of the new digital economy. Business processes are becoming ubiquitous and platform independent which is driving the need for optimized data. Technical advances in Big Data, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, will continue to create new opportunities for organizations and the demand for real-time optimized data will continue to grow. As part of our company’s commitment to innovation, we actively invest in research and development of emerging data technologies so we can pass these innovations on to our customers. Are you ready for the data-driven digital world to push the boundaries of how your business will succeed in the future? Talk to us, our data optimization team is ready to engage with you.

Master Data Management

Mastered data is more than just a golden record. It defines the subtle evolution, lineage and interrelationships between mastered records across data domains. A real-time MDM system enables an organization to rapidly implement business processes by connecting and leveraging the core data already mastered. Informatica’s MDM technology when coupled with our Intelligent Real Time Processing (IRTP) capabilities, will enable you to realize the full potential of your core data and ensure you are ready for the data-driven digital future.


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Big Data MDM Integration

In an increasingly data-driven world, the need to manage and leverage massive amounts of data has given rise to new technologies that can handle this big data. A key challenge facing most adopters of big data integration is how to manage data velocity and volume while making it actionable now. At Instep, we created the “In-Hadoop Direct Match” accelerator that uses the MDM match engine to connect your mastered data to your big data asset, giving you a holistic view of the information and making it usable now. With Informatica’s big data technology and our accelerators, you can optimize your data assets and ensure your business is prepared to meet the data-driven digital future.


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Data Governance, Quality and Security

As the volume of data grows and becomes increasingly dynamic, you need to ensure your data is trustworthy and readily available to use across the organization. Leveraging the Informatica data quality technology, best practices for data governance, entry point validation and active monitoring, you can deliver high quality, trusted data to drive your business forward. Leveraging state-of-the-art data obfuscation techniques, without compromising usability, is essential to ensure your key data and specifically, your customer data, is always secure. Implementing the appropriate security solutions and data governance program for all your data integration efforts is vital to ensuring your organization is ready for the data-driven digital future.


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Real-Time Data Intelligence

Implementing a Real-Time Data Intelligence solution that delivers “data in the now” allows organizations to extend their MDM system by incorporating relevant cross domain metrics and enabling real-time analytics. This provides you the ability to measure performance and automatically respond to opportunities in real-time for defined events. Whether your goals are price optimization, upsell, cross-sell, fraud detection, or risk management, a Real-Time Data Intelligence solution can help you maximize the power of your data and prepare your business for the data-driven digital future.


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